Terms and Conditions

Sales, Cancellation or Rescheduling of Sessions 

  • We have a strict 24hr notice policy to cancel or reschedule appointments.  Any cancellations within 24hrs or non-attendance to a booked session will be charged for.
  • All sales are final and non- transferrable and non-refundable. 
  • Once a position is booked and paid for, Align Studios now holds this position exclusively for you and is unable to sell that spot to another client. 
  • If you pay by Direct Debit, this is accepted as holding your session bookings for the entire contract term and ALL payments will be deducted even if you have failed to attend. A notice to cancel or suspend payments must be completed 2 weeks prior to cancellation or suspension date (please see Direct Debit Terms & Conditions)
  • If you purchase a package this is accepted as holding your purchased number of sessions for that period of time and any sessions not attended or used before the expiry date will be forfeited. NO REFUNDS applicable. 

Health and Safety: 

  • You agree to give us all relevant personal health and fitness information both before and during the course of any exercise program or other activity.
  • You also agree to complete our Pre-Exercise Questionnaire. In some cases, responses you give will require that you get medical guidance before exercising. You acknowledge that pre-exercise or other screening is no substitute for medical advice and does not guarantee against injury or death.
  • You promise that information you give us will be true and accurate and not misleading in any way. 
  • Your physical condition when you sign this agreement and each time you use the Facilities and Services, you must ensure you are in good physical condition and know of no medical or other reason why you should not exercise. If unsure, you should not use the Facilities and Services until you have sought appropriate medical guidance and been given the go-ahead. 
  • You must not use the Facilities and Services if you are suffering from any illness, disease, injury or other condition that could be a risk to your health or safety or that of other Members and others. 

Proper Use of Equipment:

  • You promise to take care to use the Facilities and Services safely and properly. If you are ever not sure how to operate any equipment properly, you agree to ask the instructors first.

Following Directions:

You agree to follow any reasonable direction of studio staff relating to health, safety or security matters or related matters


You agree to follow the studio’s emergency procedure and the direction of studio staff during an emergency


  • The information you have provided is confidential and will only be used by instructors for health and safety, safe instruction purposes.
  • You understand that photos, films, videos or audio recordings are sometimes taken of Members for promotional purposes and website content. Your permission will first be obtained if this is done. By signing this Agreement, you agree to allow your image, recording or likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose.


We may sometimes make changes to this Agreement, including our Club Rules. If we do this, we will try to do this fairly. We will make reasonable efforts to tell you of any change in advance and when it will take effect. Subject to other Terms, the effective date will generally be at least 30 days from the date we tell you about the change unless it is not practical for us to tell you at this time

Loss of property:

You promise not to unnecessarily bring valuables into the studio and agree that it is not the obligation of the studio to look after unattended property


We may need to close our studio for a period of time, for example, due to an emergency, or if required by a court order or by law. We will try, but cannot promise we will be able, to tell you about any studio closures in advance. 


You agree to pay for any loss or damage to the studio or the facilities and services caused by you or your guests through a wilful, wrongful or negligent act or as a result of your, or their, breach of this Agreement. 


Statutory guarantees Under the ACL we guarantee that the services we supply are provided with due care and skill, are reasonably fit for any purpose you have told us you are using the services for or told us you wish to achieve, and/or are supplied in a reasonable time. Under certain legislative provisions, however, we can ask you to accept some limitations to the ACL guarantees. If you sign this Agreement, you agree, to the extent allowed by section 139A of the CCA, to exclude or modify our liability to you for injury or death from our failure to comply with ACL guarantees. This exclusion does not apply if injury or death is caused by our “reckless conduct” (as defined in the CCA). 


  • All clients are requested to:
  • Wear clean grip socks to class or sessions unless otherwise advised by Align Studios staff.
  • Bring a towel to class or sessions to use on and/or wipe down equipment.
  • Wear clean fresh clothes and use deodorant to each class or session.
  • Wipe down equipment/mats with provided cleaning products after use.
  • Use hand sanitiser available in the studio upon entering and exiting the studio plus after blowing/wiping nose or coughing.

I have read and understood Align Studios terms and conditions and agree to abide by these terms as set out above.